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Effective date: 18 June 2023

Please note that whilst great care and effort is taken to provide accurate information in regards to information provided in the app database, Fussy Vegan Pty Ltd cannot be held liable for any incorrect information within the app database. Manufacturers and companies may change ingredients and or manufacturing/cooking processes at anytime. We try and keep up to date with any changes to listings withing our database but it is possible that users may come across out of date information within the app database. App users can contact us with any out of date or inaccurate information about a listing and we will take steps to update any information about a listing as quickly as possible.


Please note that any allergen status given to any listing within the app database is based on ingredient information provided by the manufacturer/company and does NOT take into account any potential cross contamination due to manufacturing and or cooking processes. We STRONGLY ADVISE anyone at risk of having a severe allergic reaction to any ingredients to make further enquiry with the manufacturer/company before purchasing and or consuming any product, menu item or ingredient listed in our app database as not containing the relevant allergen and or ingredient.


By registering and signing in to any of our Fussy Vegan apps and or support site, the user agrees to abide by the following terms:

1. Users must be over the age of 18 in order to sign up for an account on our Fussy Vegan apps and or support site.

2. Users are not allowed to leave ratings for their own businesses or products that may be listed in our app database.

3. Any user found to be in breach of any of the above terms may have their account deleted at our discretion. Please note that deletion of an account does not prevent access to the app or support site, it just prevents the users from rating products and making "my lists" within the apps and from browsing their support ticket history on our support site. No app refunds will be given for deleted user accounts.


Please note that all app purchases are done through either the Apple App Store for iOS users or Google Play for Android users. Any enquires related to an issue with the purchase of one of our apps, including any purchase refund requests must be made to the relevant app store. Fussy Vegan Pty Ltd does not have access to any customer details, including purchase and payment details for individual app users. This means we are unable to assist with any issues regarding app purchase refund requests.

Purchases made from one App Store cannot be transferred across to another app store. If you purchase one of our apps on an Android device from Google Play and then change your device to an iOS device, you will be required to re-purchase the app from the App Store. We may be able to assist app users in some circumstances and at our discretion with downloading the relevant app that was already purchased on a different platform. Please contact us BEFORE re-purchasing the app to see if we can assist. We are not able to assist after you have re-purchased the app.

Please note that our apps do not come with any guarantee of length of time that the app will continue to function. If one of ours apps is discontinued and you have purchased the app less than 12 months ago from the date of the app being discontinued, we will provide you a free upgrade to one of our other apps if available.

You can view the full terms of service here:

Apple App Store

Google Play Store


When purchasing a VIP ACCESS subscription from within the app, please note the same terms of service apply as when you purchased the app from the App Store

Apple App Store

Please note that as the subscription is only available through the App Store, we cannot transfer or refund your subscription if you change from an iOS device to an Android device. You can cancel your current subscription through the App Store, but you will not receive any refund for time remaining on your subscription. We do not currently offer the VIP ACCESS subscription on Android devices at this time.


Fussy Vegan Pty Ltd is not able to guarantee that our apps will work on any device and any iOS or Android version. Before purchasing one of our apps, please review the minimum requirements for the app in the app listing within the relevant app store.

Fussy Vegan Pty Ltd will endeavour to support as many devices and OS (operating system) versions as possible, but as new features and updates are added to the app, some older devices or devices running older versions of the relevant OS not be able to continue to receive updates to the app and in some cases the app may not function properly on older devices running oder versions of the relevant OS. Please contact us for support if you are not able to update the app or if the app stops functioning and we will provide you will app support to see if there is a technical issue we may be able to assist with or if applicable, confirm that your device and or OS version is no longer compatible with the current version of the app.


We may update our terms & conditions from time to time. we will notify you of any changes by posting the updated terms & conditions on this page.

You are advised to review these terms & conditions periodically for any changes. Changes to these terms & conditions are effective from the date they are posted on this page.

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