When you first installed the app, you should have been prompted to allow the app access to your camera. The barcode scanning function uses the device camera. Please check your privacy settings to ensure that the app has permission you access the camera on your device.

All iOS devices that are capable of running the app should be able to scan barcodes with no issues. With Android, some lower end devices may not have autofocus on the camera, which means that the app may have trouble focusing on a barcode. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this, as the camera needs to be able to focus on a barcode in order to read the barcode and search our database. If you are having trouble scanning a barcode, you can manually search for the product using the main search function in the app.

The app also requires an internet connection at the time of scanning or searching the database. Please ensure that the app has permission to access your internet connection.

If you are still having issues with scanning barcodes that are not covered by the above, please lodge a support ticket.