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Our regular Fussy Vegan app has been discontinued. All existing Fussy Vegan app users, both Android and iOS, will need to purchase Fussy Vegan Pro to continue using our apps. The app will now longer show any scan or search results.

IMPORTANT - If you have purchased our regular Fussy Vegan app in the past 12 months (from 17 May 2021 until last week when we stopped selling Fussy Vegan), then please lodge a support ticket and we will get you a promo code to download Fussy Vegan Pro at no additional cost. We have a limited number of promo codes that we can generate (especially on Google Play) so first in, best dressed. 


We have extended the sale price of Fussy Vegan Pro (sale was supposed to end Sunday 22 May) for the time being to give more Fussy Vegan users time to upgrade to Fussy Vegan Pro at a discounted price. Fussy Vegan Pro has significantly more features than Fussy Vegan.

Please see details and links below:

Apple App Store (iOS users)
Fussy Vegan Pro - $12.99 (normal price is $19.99) 

Google Play Store (Android users) 
Fussy Vegan Pro - $12.99 (normal price is $16.99)

That is the basics. If you want a more detailed explanation for why we have decided to discontinue the regular Fussy Vegan app, please read below.

As everyone is aware, prices have been going up everywhere, especially in the supermarkets. We have for the past few months been wearing those costs and have not raised the price of any of our apps in the past few months, even though our costs have also increased significantly both for the company itself and the individual team members. In fact, we have even offered a couple of sales in this time.

Our business model of one-off cost apps means that we rely on new people buying the app each month, which generates the revenue for us to pay for all of the related expenses involved in running a live database app that is updated regularly, both the database and the app itself. This business model has been working for the past five years, but these last couple of months have been tough. It is apps across the board, not just our apps, as even though app sales have been significantly down on previous quarters and years, we are still ranking in the top 5 apps in both the App Store and Google Play. In fact, as I write this post, we are sitting at #3 in the Apple App Store under the Food and Drink category. But that is just not translating to enough app revenue.
So, we have been left with some tough choices to make regarding the apps. We decided on this approach, as the only other viable alternative was to change all the apps over to a subscription model. The subscription model would certainly be easier for us as far as having a reliable income each month, but everything is a subscription these days, and as I am personally not a fan of having everything a subscription, we were left with the only other viable option, to discontinue Fussy Vegan and hope that enough Fussy Vegan app users will be willing to upgrade to Fussy Vegan Pro, which we hope will make up for lost revenue. This will also save us in costs in only having to maintain and updates two apps instead of four (Each version, normal/pro and iOS/Android are technically seperate apps that all have to be updated individually.)

Let me also be very clear that Fussy Vegan is not going anywhere. We are in it for the long haul, and we hope that our app users are also in it for the long haul with us.

Ken Goldstein 
Managing Director, Fussy Vegan Pty Ltd.

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