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We have some exciting news regarding Krispy Kreme in Australia. Please ensure you read the entire post so that you have a full understanding.

We can now confirm that Krispy Kreme Australia & New Zealand is now using a doughnut mix (all locations in Australia) that does not contain dairy or egg. New Zealand will be fully transitioned to this new doughnut mix by the end of January 2024.
This does not mean that all of their doughnuts are now vegan. This is really important for people to understand. Quite a few of their doughnuts still contain toppings and or fillings that contain animal derived ingredients. At this stage, Krispy Kreme has chosen not to label any additional doughnuts as vegan except for the one specifically labelled as vegan (Apple Custard Crumble).

The Apple Custard Crumble is specifically made AWAY from any animal derived products. The other doughnuts that do not contain any animal derived ingredients are not specifically made away from other doughnuts that still contain animal derived toppings and fillings hence why Krispy Kreme has decided not to label any additional doughnuts as vegan at this time as there is still a low risk of cross contamination. 

After speaking with their Chief Marketing Officer this morning, I have to say that I am extremely impressed with Krispy Kreme regarding vegan products and how seriously they take vegan labelling and I am certainly excited for the future regarding vegan products at Krispy Kreme Australia & New Zealand.

We will now list a number of the Krispy Kreme doughnuts as vegan (No manufacturer vegan claim made) which is our term for “accidentally vegan”  in our Fussy Vegan Pro app, but as with all food chains, it is essential for people to remember that there is still the low risk of cross contamination with non vegan toppings and fillings.

The current list of vegan doughnuts available at Krispy Kreme in Australia is:

Apple Custard Crumble Doughnut -  VEGAN CLAIM MADE
Original Glazed Doughnut -  NO VEGAN CLAIM MADE
Strawberry Jam Doughnut - NO VEGAN CLAIM MADE
Traditional Cinnamon Doughnut - NO VEGAN CLAIM MADE
Kookies n’ Kreme Doughnut -  NO VEGAN CLAIM MADE

* Please note that the KK website and product packaging will still show the dairy and egg ingredients until they update the website/packaging in the new year.

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