Native Waterbird Slaughter On Australian Rice Farms

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There is a horrific mass slaughter of native waterbirds occurring on Australian rice farms. This is ongoing every year where Victorian duck hunters are going up into New South Wales and committing mass slaughters of native waterbirds.

We have been having discussions with the Rice Growers Association of Australia for well over two years now, but unfortunately, the slaughter is continuing.

Our recommendation is to avoid buying any Australian grown rice or rice products until such time as 100% of Australian rice farms agree to stop allowing the slaughter of native waterbirds on their properties or if the Rice Growers Association of Australia comes up with a verifiable system where duck slaughter free rice can be appropriately labelled, then we will be willing to identify those products as suitable to buy in our app database. Whilst overseas rice from Asia no doubt has its own issues, we are going ahead with this boycott recommendation as we believe that with enough pressure, we can put a stop to the horrific slaughter of these innocent birds. As there is no practical way to identify rice coming from farms that allow duck shooting and those that do not, the only way the slaughter will end is to boycott all Australian rice. If Australian rice farmers are concerned about loosing money from a boycott, they can easily resolve the issue by pressuring the farms that allow the slaughter of birds to stop allowing it to happen.

* If any manufacturer believes that we have wrongly identified a product in the database as using Australian grown rice, please contact us and if you are able to verify that your product does not use Australian grown rice, we will update the listing to remove the boycott advise from that product listing.


As you can see from the screenshots and images below, these disgusting people are clearly taking great pleasure in killing innocent birds. In one photo there is what is clearly a child that appears to be no more than 12 or 13 holding a gun with a dead bird in his other hand. Another disturbed individual brags about having shot so many birds, he doesn't have any more room to store the bodies.


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