Update on Coles vegan pizza recall

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As promised last night when we first posted about this recall, we have now been provided further information from Coles and we can explain exactly what has occured.
In case you missed our past last night, we have been in touch with someone from the Coles Media Team, so our information is 100% accurate.
First off, there was never and has never been any accidental dairy ingredients in this product. What has occurred is that they have done batch testing, as they do regularly under GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) and a recent batch test came back positive for dairy. This positive result would have been from machinery not being cleaned properly between production runs. As for both vegan labelling and dairy-free labelling, this is not acceptable, so Coles has decided to issue the recall for these pizzas. Coles is reviewing the procedures with the supplier to ensure that this does not happen again and they will have these pizzas back on the shelves as soon as they are satisfied that this sort of incident will not happen again.
Okay, so what does this all mean? This means that it is extremely unlikely that anyone has actually consumed any dairy if you have eaten this product. As far as Coles is aware, this issue was just with the one batch , but they have issued the recall for all batches out in stores out of an abundance of caution.
Coles was able to share with me a bit more detail that I cannot disclose publicly, but I can say that Fussy Vegan is 100% satisfied with how Coles has handled this situation and we are confident that Coles will be doing their best to ensure this does not happen again. We will certainly feel confident purchasing those pizzas again once they are back on the shelf.
*Please note that Fussy Vegan has NO financial arrangements with any manufacturer (including Coles) so please be assured that if we were not satisfied with Coles response, we would have no issue stating that.

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