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We are awaiting a cal back from the manufacturer so that we can get further details regarding this recall. We will update this post once we have spoken with the manufacturer.


As we always do, we have been in touch with Health Lab to get some more details around this isssue. Health Lab has provided this statement for us to share with everyone:
"Health Lab Kids has issued a recall on their Mylk Chocolate Zillions, Whyte Chocolate Zillions and the Mixed Kwalas due to traces of milk being detected.
Health Lab Kids wishes to advise that they are a dedicated plant-based and vegan friendly brand and due to small traces of milk being detected within a batch, they have made the decision to recall the products.
Health Lab Kids is is working closely with the Victorian Department of Health and Food Standards Australia New Zealand to investigate how this may have occurred. Health Lab Kids is recommending anyone with dairy allergies, intolerances or anyone else seeking a full refund to return the products to their place of purchase."
So to clarify, Health Lab only makes vegan products, however, they do share manufacturing facilities with other brands that are not vegan. This is actually far more common than you may realise. In fact, based on our extensive knowledge and database, we would estimate that anywhere from 60-75% of all vegan products are actually manufactured in facilities that also manufacturer non vegan products.
We have already seen some comments on other pages where people are "outraged" that their products are made in the same facility as non vegan products and that they won't be buying them again. People have a right to purchase or not purchase whatever they want, but as we said above, if you are going to start boycotting vegan brands that have shared manufacturing facilities then you are going to find that you are not going to have much selection to choose from in the supermarket anymore. 
The fact is that manufacturing facilities and manufacturing equipment are very expensive and it is just not possible for every vegan brand to have their own dedicated manufacturing facility. As long as the manufacturer is ensuring that the manufacturing facility is using GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) then there should not be any concern about contamination from a vegan perspective.
In our conversations with Health Lab via email this afternoon, they also stated "the majority of our testing did not detect any traces of dairy however, a small amount was detected in one test therefore, we have issued this recall for precautionary measures."
At this time, we have confidence that Health Lab will get this issue sorted and to ensure that steps are taken to minimise the risk of this happening again. We will continue to purchase Health Lab products in the future.

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