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We stated a few weeks ago that we were going to start adding ALL restaurants into the database, even if they did not have any vegan options, so that at least you can check whether  a particular restaurant that your non vegan friends and family want to go to has any vegan options or not.

We have now completed two cities. Townsville of course as that is where Fussy Vegan is located and we just finished Melbourne this morning. We are sure that there are still some eateries/suburbs that we may have missed and we will go through and do another scrape of Melbourne after we have added all of the other major cities and regional areas.

Some interesting stats on Melbourne. We previously had 349 listings for Melbourne. We recently added 2,345 new listings. Whilst we use google maps to scrape the name and details of each restaurant, a human staff member has looked at every listing to make a vegan assessment of the restaurant/eatery. 

Total listings for Melbourne - 2,694 (only 301 are food chain locations)
Places with at least minimum vegan option/s - 1,378 
That is 58% of all eateries we found had at least a minimum vegan option. And no, a side salad is not what we call a minimum vegan option either.

No vegan options at all - 1,316
Minimal vegan option/s/ - 562
Some vegan options - 521
Extensive vegan options - 245
100% vegan options - 50

Can another city beat Melbourne for vegan options in Australia, or is Melbourne really the best city for vegan options in Australia? 

I guess we will find out over time as we get the rest of the major cities updated in the database.

*Please do not lodge support tickets about a restaurant that is not in the database for Melbourne right now. As we said above, we will do another scrape of Melbourne once we have gone through the rest of the major cities and regions.

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